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cocoro books

The Japanese word cocoro conjures up images of heart and mind; of consciousness and intention. Through the cocoro books imprint, DH Publishing intends to introduce the vibrancy and uniqueness of modern Japan through its media, its people and its popular cultures and subcultures.

Japanese Movie Billboards: Retro Art from a Century of Cinema
A retrospective of the almost extinct phenomenon of billboard painting in Japan, this is a fascinating look at the golden age of cinema seen through the eyes of Japanese artist and media. With cover-to-cover, full-color photos, movie trivia and historical background, Japanese Movie Billboards is more than just a mine of retro-kitsch; it is a unique look at Western cinema from the other side of the world.
96 pages/ $19.95
J-rock Groupies: 200 Photographs of Unique Japanese Girls
Cosplay for J-Rock groupies. Japanese rock bands are hot! And Japan leads the world in rock band fashion. Girl fans dress up in wild styles and concept clothing, and display their creations, en masse, at rock concerts. Here, hot and absurd groupie fashion girls tell readers in their own words why they do it. This collection of 200 photos and interviews delves into a unique world, bringing readers the crazy fashions and musical passions from the streets and rock clubs of Tokyo.
191 pages/ $19.95
Cosplay Girls 2: Japan's Live Action Heroines
Enter the wacky world of cosplay, Japan's crazy anime costume scene. All over Japan, hard-core girl fans of anime, manga and games dress up in the latest costumes. It is a world where seemingly ordinary girls reinvent themselves as street-fighting chicks, emerald-haired princesses and faux-fur kittens. Why do they do it? Find out as cosplayers explain the obsession in their own words. o All new girls o All new costumes o All new format
112 pages/ $19.95
Silver Screen Samurai: The Best of Japan's Samurai Movie Posters
For over half a century, samurai movies have wowed the Japanese public - and the world - with their gory sword fights and tear-jerking tales of honor and sacrifice. From Kurosawa's Seven Samurai to anime's Samurai X, this first-ever collection of original samurai movie art pays glorious tribute to a cinematic genre that is truly Japanese. Silver Screen Samurai is a must-have for samurai fans, movie-buffs and lovers of poster art!
112 pages/ $19.95
Anime Poster Art: Japan's Movie House Masterpieces
Posters, programs and flyers that helped launch a revolution in wide-screen animation. Over 160 full-color images introduce the world's most-loved anime characters in their original Japanese designs. Includes the best of Akira, Dragon Ball Z, Lupin III, Urusei Yatsura, Space Battleship Yamato, Mobile Suit Gudam and the Academy Award-winning Studio Ghibli.
112 pages/ $19.95
Cosplay Girls: Japan's Live Animation Heroines
Cosplay, the Japanese love of making and wearing the outfits of manga, anime and video-game characters, is catching on fast worldwide. Cosplay Girls introduces cute Japanese girls crazy about dressing up like characters from manga, anime and games; everything from Streetfighter and Samurai Spirits to Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura. This fun book is also packed with info on the characters they portray, how to pose, and methods of making and wearing costumes. As well as an informative guide to games, manga and anime big in Japan, Cosplay Girls also highlights the creative powers of Japanese otaku girls.
96 pages/ $19.95
Secrets of the Ninja: Their Training Tools and Techniques
Now you see them, now you don't. Peek inside the Ninja's world and discover the skills, weapons, and ingenious tricks that made these men and women feared and revered in Japan for centuries. Learn Ninja techniques for meditation, stealth, and fighting dirty. Study their diet, ancient codes, workout and accupressure points. Find out what it really meant to be a Ninja in old Japan.
96 pages/ $19.95
Japanese Movie Posters: Yakuza, Monster, Pink and Horror
A tribute to 50 years of lurid imagery and purple prose created by nameless designers at Japanese film studios. Unforgettable images conjured out of a few still photos, some bold lettering, and plenty of tattoos, swords, guns, baseball bats, ropes, scowls, leers, scars, rubber suits, school uniforms, cartoon characters, and half-naked women. Also includes Sci-Fi, Samurai, Anime and New Cinema.
96 pages/ $19.95