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Japanese Movie Posters:
Yakuza, Monster, Pink and Horror


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Pages: 96 pp, softcover, 8 1/4" x 11 3/4"
ISBN: 0-9723124-5-5

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Introduction by Chuck Stephens

1) Yakuza Movies 15 titles
2) Sci-Fi and Monster Movies 13 titles
3) Samurai Movies 15 titles
4) Pink Movies 11 titles
5) Horror Movies 9 titles
6) Animation Movies 9 titles
7) New Japanese Cinema 8 titles

Index (English, Japanese in English and Japanese)
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"This is an excellent book to have if you are looking for rare and obscure Japanese films!" -Protoculture Addicts

"Fun and informative" -Filmmaker

"How better to chronicle the sleaziest, campest, most blood-drenched, envelope-pushing Japanese cinema..." -BIZARRE

"wonderfully lurid" -SCI FI

"a storehouse of English-language information" -ANIMERICA

"As you'd expect from a nation obsessed with sex, bondage and city-eating moths, their movies are a bit odd" -LOADED

"some of the coolest Japanese movie posters of all time" -Shock Cinema

"designed to grace the bookshelves of the serious Japanophile" -Tokyo Journal

Sleepy Eyes of Death (1968)